Entertaining your fans starts way before you hit the stage. Grab your FREE planner and
instantly get 230 new engaging post ideas. 
"Wait, How Exactly Will This Planner Help Me?"
IMAGINE the 30 Day Post Planner being just like your set list for social media. You'd never go to a gig and not know what you're going to play... and now you won't have to wonder what to post. 
"What a tremendous resource. I run the Facebook page for my rock band, the marching band I teach, and also a local restaurant / music venue. This calendar is great for all three!"
Jeff W, "Twisted Fate"
Here's what you'll have at your fingertips...

The planner is packed with 35 prompts of engaging ideas you can customize for your band. Use each one with your own personality and branding. You'll be able to tailor the ideas week after week.

157 trending hashtag ideas
More related to Twitter and Instagram, these 150+ hashtag themes have been curated from trending topics. Use quick posts as one-off posts or themes for recurring content for ANY day of the week.

45 livestream themes
It's been widely documented that VIDEO is simply the best way to increase engagement and grow your fans. But if you've ever picked up your phone and not known what to say? This is for you.
"The social media calendar is excellent
it helps to build more followers and keep your fan base engaged, day after day, even after your well of ideas for new posts has run dry. Years of tried and true music wisdom in the music biz is here! Check it out!"
-- Brandon Boerner
"What I find most useful is that you not just drop the “it’s so and so day” but some concrete ideas what to do with them. It is amazing handholding providing all these great action items. Your ideas are also usable for bands who are in different stages!"
-- Elke Nominikat
"Leonard and Jessica Patterson are the real deal! Performing, writing, producing, booking -- they have seen success from the local to national levels. Check out their latest addition - the Indie Band Coach "post planner." This calendar will provide all types of inspiration for you to post online to your fans and even bantering during your live shows."
Nathan K, My Yellow Rickshaw
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